Diploma Portfolio

The following documents form my portfolio for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Diploma apprentices please note; this is only one of the ways to write up your designs, your portfolio may contain many less words and more drawings and diagrams, or it may consist entirely of a series of short videos.

i-iii acknowledgements, contents

1-2 Meeting the criteria

3-7 review relevant activities

8-9 ALP:Evaluation

10-28 patio garden

29-49 Special needs school garden

50-65 My garden

66-81 polytunnel salads

82-97 chickens-annual veg

98-117 community pathway

118-130 Intro course

131-149 Demoplot

150-166 Permaculture goat

167-177 tutor pathway

178-179 Appendix I

180-182 Appendix II

183-185 Appendix III teaching garden skills

186-190 Appendix IV holmgren principles

191-192 Appendix V patioplants

193 Appendix VI pathway evaluation jan ’15

194 Appendix VII; Tutor CPD pathway 2015







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